Calculating the system curve of a slurry pump application involving settling solids in suspension is quite different than that of a clean fluid. The size, shape, density, and concentration of solids all factor into selecting a pump that will deliver the material to its discharge point in a homogenous form. Solid particles must be kept above their settling velocity as the material is transferred from the pump through the piping. Hunter Equipment Company is experienced in the selection and specification of slurry handling pumps to handle the toughest duties. Let us take a look at your biggest pump headache. Chances are we have seen it before or we can get in touch with someone who has….either way you will have access to the world’s best slurry experts. GIW Industries, Thompson Pump, RF Industries, Flowrox, Summit Pump….HEC represents and distributes the equipment and expertise of the best slurry handling products…at no extra cost to you.

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