The ability to confirm accurate system pressure in piping handling solids laden slurries has plagued process engineers forever. Process slurries such as alumina hydrate, crushed rock, or boiler ash carry high concentrations of solid particles in solution throughout the piping system while maintaining the necessary velocity to keep the solids in suspension. As a result, a reliable visible confirmation that the system pressure is within the proper range is critical…

The Appcor Slurry Gauge Guard is a simple but effective device, designed by a long time slurry handling equipment supplier to effectively isolate the pressure gauge to prevent plugging. The top of the guard is filled with mineral oil and the gauge reads the pressure or vacuum through the barrier fluid and remains free of solids.Purge valves and/or scale removal rods are optional


Simple, inexpensive, and valuable process information that has been sacrificed for years is now easy to access.

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