The role of distributors and/or manufacturers representatives in the procurement process is often misunderstood. Some customers wonder if it would be easier and less expensive to bypass this step and deal directly with the manufacturer in an effort to “cut out the middle man” and save money as a result.

Some manufacturers have made the switch in both directions, changing from direct factory sales to a distributor/rep or gone from distribution back to direct sales. Naturally their intent is to capture more market share and profits from their operations.

Therein lies the question…What benefits do I receive when dealing with Hunter Equipment Company?

With 30 years experience in this industry and having celebrated the 19 year anniversary of starting my company on April 1, 1994, I feel that I have a firm vision of what we bring to the table. I see HEC as a liason between our customers and the manufacturers that we serve. Dealing with highly technical, specialized industrial equipment designed to handle the worst abrasive, corrosive, and dangerous slurry applications—we provide experience, expertise, and consistent performance in the process of supplying the right product at a fair price. Continuous follow up as the process progresses from RFQ to Order to Delivery and Startup and onsite support gives our customers the information they need before during and after the products are onsite and integrated into their process.

Sometimes, our role is to find a better solution to an existing maintenance or operational problem. We join the technical decision makers of the customer with the technical experts of the manufacturers we represent, providing the necessary technical data and field observations to assist in improving the efficiency and reliability of the process. Once the order is placed, HEC is responsible for insuring that the logistics are in place and the customer is informed of the progress of the equipment as it goes through the manufacturing, shipping, and delivery process.

We follow our products until installation and assist the plant in start up and performance evaluation. We are there every step of the way adding our knowledge and experience to the process.

Most important to the customer:  The use of distributors adds nothing to the final cost to the end user.

Most important to the manufacturer:  Distributors are not paid employees and earn their living supplying quality goods and services to the satisfaction of their customers…or they simply go out of business…

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