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The end game for any business is always long-term profitability – easier said than done. Sustainable business growth requires thinking ahead and making proactive decisions; identifying potential problems before they become reality; making investments that will generate the greatest return instead of ones you wish you could return.

So to say we sell high-quality pumps, valves, hydrocyclones, agitators and other slurry material handling equipment isn’t the whole story. Sure, we bring you the industry’s toughest equipment to do the industry’s toughest jobs. Hunter has more than 60 years of combined experience serving the alumina, mining, power, oil, petrochemical, sugar and pulp & paper markets. But our main goal is to position your business for the long haul:

Headquartered in Baton Rouge since 1994, Hunter Equipment has been an industry leader in slurry material handling equipment. We provide customized slurry solutions worldwide with additional sales offices in Jamaica and the Dominican Republic.

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