“Quality Costs More”

Dec 11, 2012   //   by David S. Pratt   //   Business  //  No Comments

Purchasing departments of industrial plants and factories have a tough job to do trying to source the equipment and parts required to keep a facility running and on budget. In an age of instant communication and unlimited websites, there are hundreds of offers trying to entice a customer into using one supplier over another based on “lowest price”. Unfortunately, many of these sources have no experience with the needs of the customer and are simply an avenue to buy even technical items as if they were everyday commodities.

There is one fact that always remains constant, “quality costs more”.

It does not matter if you are looking at homes, education for your kids, automobiles, food, clothes, or a valve to isolate your pipeline…quality always costs more initially.  But as you already know, quality lasts longer and reduces your overall cost of ownership through lower maintenance and operating cost.

At Hunter Equipment Company, we are rarely the low bidder on openly broadcast RFQ’s. However, in the world of pumps, valves, mixers, and process equipment in our territories, if it will not work in your process or will not give you a lower cost of ownership over the life of the equipment….we will not quote.

I would rather lose a sale than take a chance on supplying one of my customers with something that will not live up to our high standards.

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