Why Choose Hunter for Your Slurry-Handling Equipment Needs?


There’s the downtime you plan for, and then there’s the unexpected maintenance. These sudden equipment failures can cripple productivity, and shutting down production means shutting down profits. Hunter’s product lines offer some of the industry’s longest life cycles – life cycles we extend through continual maintenance and operational support. Efficient, durable slurry processing systems can actually preserve productivity and reduce total cost of ownership in the long run. Now that’s value.


In our 60 years of combined slurry experience, we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t; which pumps work best in underwater environments; which valve linings offer the most protection against heavy slurries. Every component we sell, every solution we engineer is designed to meet your process requirements and deliver the greatest return on investment you’ve ever had. At Hunter, we don’t experiment on your dime – we earn it. We strive to be the slurry expert in every room, and you know we don’t take goals lightly.


Doesn’t it seem like reliable customer service is hard to find these days? For us, it’s simple. If you have questions, call us. If you need your parts in a hurry, let us know – we can expedite your order to make sure it will be on site and on time.

Call Hunter Equipment today for all your slurry equipment and processing needs.

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